Secret History of The World

A wake up book

Ms. Knight-Jadczyk has done a wonderful job with that book. She was able to see the reality which has been kept secret for so many years. It is a book that everyone should read. You will not see the world the same manner after reading her book. Jacques Paquin,

Dramatic Rethink on our common history

Author Laura Knight-Jadczyk digs deep, mysterious events and odd circumstances which most historians ignore get full steam in this book. Unbelievable is the best way to describe the writing, not because it's so outlandish, but because of the possibilities unlocked and new thoughts considered. However, after analyzing the evidence you can easily decide for yourself on a variety of issues.

Long, detailed, and well cited. Would make the basis for an awesome college level history course. Cyre Gray,

Piercing the veil of reality

This book is a remarkable achievement. Using the eyes of the intellect, the discipline of a scientist and historian and the heart and soul of a mystic Laura Knight-Jadczyk has brought together science and mysticism to pierce through the very nature of reality itself. Her revelations in the book regarding the hyperdimensional control system and the Techno-Spirituality of the Ancient civilizations was nothing short of mind boggling to me and I'm not same after reading it. The book had made me re-think and reevaluate everything that I had ever learned in High School and College. I liked the way the book was written. It was written for both the layman and scholar and everything in the book was backed with sound scientific research. Clearly this author has devoted her entire life to "piercing the veil" of reality to get to the essence of things. The book is ALIVE and is written with a intelligence that literally sparkles. I HIGHLY recommend it.
K. Sciullo,

The True Lessons of History

Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book, 'Secret History of the World,' delves so deeply into so many thought-provoking areas of research, I'm not sure where to begin. If it was the goal of this book to question - and then answer, many of the most basic questions regarding the current state of humanity on our planet, I'd say the author succeeded with resounding results. No small feat.

From the beginning of the book, in the 'Important Notes on the Cover Art' section, 'Secret History' clarifies associations between well known and not so well known historical personages; alchemists, royalty, and religious figures, who were all, we learn, committed to finding and sharing certain spiritual and mystical truths about the human condition.
Knight-Jadczyk connects the dots evoking classic myth, astronomy, and identifies something in Da Vinci's 'Last Supper' painting that one will certainly NOT find reading one of Dan Brown's books.

`Secret History' then goes on to examine widely held beliefs concerning naturally occurring cataclysms, ancient civilizations, monotheistic religions, and hyperdimensional reality with the aim of weeding out disinformation from what is probably most true in these areas. Liberally quoting form the likes of Plato, Velikovsky, Eliade, Fulcanelli and many others (the bibliography alone is over 20 pages long) Knight-Jadczyk uses clear language and reasoning to make some sense out of what these thinkers were trying to tell us:
The True Lessons of History

There IS much evidence suggesting that planetary catastrophes are cyclical in nature, and not nearly so rare as we we've been lead to think. There HAVE BEEN advanced civilizations with an understanding of science quite different to our own. There WERE `spiritual technicians' who reached `advanced' levels of being based on ancient knowledge. And there IS a paraphysical realm or level of reality that humanity is largely in the dark about and quite subject to (think `unfriendly' e.t.'s here).

Knight-Jadczyk draws upon the writings of Gurdjieff and Mouravieff, who themselves drew upon esoteric teachings, to give the reader an understanding of what comprises of one's `soul,' it's functioning, and how it may be `grown' or `seated'. It seems that to look at such topics as mentioned above, as objectively as possible, it is also of some use to have an objective knowledge of the self.

`Secret History of the World' offers insights that are profound for what they point to. For those who are `asking' the big questions, this storehouse of knowledge may well be seen as a grand service. Arthur Wise,

Clues on escaping the Terror of History

Anyone can see that things on this planet are just getting worse and worse. History as a series of painful collective experiences just seems to keep repeating and repeating.
In this book, the author pulls on many threads of History, Mythology, Science, Religion and UFO Research that lead towards the discovery that although History does keep repeating, there appear to be some pretty important and previously unrecognized causes for humanity's apparently endless repetitions of suffering. Not only have there been the obviously ruthless and power mad tyrants orchestrating world events but there is a huge amount of evidence to suggest that behind these "controllers and shapers" there have been less obvious hyper-dimensional controllers working from another density, whose overall agenda is to feed on the sufferings of humanity and act to challenge, distract and divert seekers of truth from their quest. Food for thought indeed and highly probable. If we don't understand the disease how can we find a cure??

Drawing on scientific principles, the author suggests that positive change and an alternate outcome to the endless repetition of these negative historical cycles can only occur when we develop the courage and perceptual tools to see things "as they really are" rather than ignoring reality or creating imaginary wishful thinking about it. She offers clues that a "way through to another reality" have been left by others in the past , such as the Cathars, Mythic and Alchemical literature, Casteneda, Gurdjieff and Mouravieff - for those that seek it.

"We hypothesize that the myths, rituals, ceremonies of the ancient religions are but surviving fragments of a technology from which the true significance has vanished. further we might think that it is in discovering the secrets of this "technology" that mankind has a chance to become free of the Terror of History. what is this secret technology? it is nothing less than the Holy Grail, the Ark, the Philosopher's Stone." S. Phillips,

The Human Condition and Its Possibilities

This book is a grand tour of the human condition. It examines elements of traditions and history and the process whereby history and myth are transmitted and evolve.
In the author's own words:

" As I searched through the literature in hundreds of fields of study, the chief thing that became apparent to me is that mankind is in the iron grip of an uncaring control system that raises him up and brings him low for its own mysterious purposes. No group, no nationality, no secret society or religion, is exempt."

Having taken this as a working hypothesis, Knight-Jadczyk delves into ancient history, the often confused origins of the Bible, Egyptology, fragments of what is known of esoteric traditions, the bloody history of religion as a control system, alchemy and many other fields. She tracks the vague traces and hints pointing to an ancient technology involving things such as control of gravity and time travel.

The book attempts to place the human drama in a cosmic, hyperdimensional context, as if embedded in a higher world of archetypes, as above, so below. She explores various mythical renditions of this theme, ranging from the Matrix movies to the legend of Perseus.

Much evidence is presented for the existence of a lost "scientific spirituality," of which scattered remanants are found in traditions. This loss is in part a result of probably cyclic cataclysms, in part a result of the hyperdimensional forces shaping history for their own ends. The turning point on which the present shape of the world depends is seen to be the disappearance of the prehistoric culture of cooperation and the disappearance of the ancient technology. These opened the way for the introduction of a patriarchal culture of domination with its monotheistic religion claiming an exclusivity on the divine.

Throughout the book the author presents a summary of observations on the possible spiritual development of man and how this may affect the course of history and how some of this knowledge has been suppressed through the ages. Thus we do not only have an exposition of forces shaping history but also an idea of how such knowledge can be applied today.

The book is very broad in scope and deals with an astounding volume of information. It does so with good awareness of context and constant attention to how even initially valid information has been twisted and misrepresented at all turns for various ends. References are made to natural sciences when these are relevant.
There is probably no other book that draws such a volume of multidisciplinary information together into a coherent whole. Frai Jonah,

An honest, realistic path to ascension...

A life-changing work. The book is the fruit of a lifetime of fearless seeking of the truth. What Knight-Jadczyk has given us is an honest, realistic path to ascension, one that doesn't require burying one's head in the sand of one-sided positivity. Rather, this path requires facing squarely frightening, negative truths about the human condition.

Knight-Jadczyk, following the work of Gurdjieff, Mouravieff and Castaneda, argues that humans are, for the most part, machines imprisoned in pens, partly of our own making, serving as "food" for something that does not have our best interests at heart.

According to Knight-Jadczyk, we are living through the climax of thousands of years of history, a transformation fraught with dangers and opportunities we can barely imagine.

By combining the latest in scientific theory with the Fourth Way path of Gurdjieff and with rigorous analysis of history and myth (the Grail stories, Greek Myths, the Bible, Sufi and Alchemical literature) for clues on how we came to be in the fix we are in and how to escape it, Knight-Jadczyk has contributed something new and uniquely valuable: realistic hope. Donald Hunt,

Astonishingly Enlightening!

Human culture it seems, has the amazing capacity to record unimaginably ancient technologies and science. This book answered for me the mystery concerning the persisting existence of myth, and may have touched upon its lost importance to Humanity. These pages may have revealed for the first time in this format, elements of a secret knowledge desperately needed by Mankind today. Important knowledge preserved in archetypal imagery and stories, which after millennia may have been finally decoded. Donville Myrie,

the truth IS out there, its just well hidden

So, the world is in a bit of a state at the moment, and there's nothing you can do about it, right? As the saying goes, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Pretty obviously we're making the same mistakes over and over so perhaps it's about time to dig a bit deeper and find out 'what the devil' is really going on.

Well this book is the place to go. It's not the easiest to digest, as it contains so much material, and races through so many new concepts, and introduces a lot of revolutionary ideas. Its impossible to absorb it all first time around, however exciting it might be. Its the kind of book that always reveals something new when revisited. This is the mother of all 'treasure hunts' across history and mythology, spanning all kinds of disciplines from archaology to brain chemistry to politics. This is no 'Da Vinci Code' though, it is a serious and dedicated study, in which every line of investigation is subject to exhaustive examination. If you are naturally curious about the world we live in, this book opens up many more questions, and avenues to be explored. Once you are hooked, there's no way out. Certainly, my view of the world will never be the same again. V. Cleaver,

Light at the end of the tunnel

More and more of us are becoming aware albeit slowly of the direction our civilisation is heading. This book and other titles from Laura Knight-jadczyk provide a light in an otherwise dark tunnel. Laura writes in a thought-provoking and interactive style with great attention to the finer detail. Secret History is a collection of data that know one's being should be without for any hope of surviving the coming storm.

I personally would recommend all of the material published by Red-Pill press. Fantastic Work! Looking forward to more of the same. Mr. P. S. Marsh,

A Real Life Changer!

Since I was child I've sought answers to numerous difficult questions, and try as I may, no one seemed to have any answers they could back up with solid evidence -- until I found the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

When she says she has spent a lifetime seeking the truth she certainly shows it in her work. I've read this book twice and am now reading it for the third time. It's dense with facts and hypothesis, and is completely referenced as to her sources. There is such a wealth of information she has uncovered and tediously pieced together, including reading between the lines to fill many of the gaps, that I am nearly overwhelmed!

To say that I'm glad I found this book would be a serious understatement. This book is priceless -- a must have for anyone who really wants to learn about our world, its real history, the possible true meaning of the "holy grail" and "ascension," and how such information has been hidden from the masses. Mark Edwards,